out of rule/paper

is a project designed by Gökhan Karabacak, Melis Baloğlu & Şebnem Çakaloğulları for Design Project I in Architectural Design Program in İstanbul Technical University.

Şebnem and ı revised “out of rule” and it is published by ATINER.

Paper : http://www.atiner.gr/papers/ARC2013-0707.pdf



Presentation : http://utopyalab.com/2014/07/02/outofrule-2/

Sebnem Cakalogullari
Architectural Design Master of Science Student
Istanbul Technical University

Melis Baloglu
Architectural Design Master of Science Student
Istanbul Technical University


The game is a fun way to spend time, as well as they have an impact on the whole life process as a key element in every field. Humanities live in general rules of ordinary games, which are vicious, independently from each other’s in İstanbul in which is a metropolis of millions of individuals and communities, due to reach the minimum values of life to meet their basic needs. In this game individuals and societies do not interact with the other individuals and communities to be carried on their lives. With the place of the game in İstanbul, the game actions, which are occurred with the society, was analyzed through the place in the metropolitan city İstanbul and the problem is specified as lack of experience of the individuals who just play as audience roles in the public. At the same time , the potential places in which individuals can play an active role  and a variety of experiments are produced by the increasing dense of meet , are explored within the frame of this project. Although this potential areas are erased by the speed of everyday life that is indicated them as a chaos, in deed they host the routine of the city. In these areas, the different individual purposes which create the diversity in experiences are destroyed by the certain objectivities. The interactions and meets are provided by being cheated in the game. It is a way of contrary to the rules in metropolitan city where individuals and communities are not aware of each other’s. So by the trick, in the game, the non-point areas are activated as the form of action. This is defective part of the game. And with the self-renovationary characteristic of the trick the game will not become expiration. In addition, the trick of the game is open to interpretation. With the time and personal matter the individuals attack when they catch the right moment, provides advantages in their way of looking the game and they interfere the certain rule of orders. Cheat the game gives you the authority to interpret its own, and only reveals themselves when the individuals are dealing with. While encouraging for wangle provides an interaction between the individuals, the roles of the square are defined as an urban stage for the game in the metropolitan.

This project aims to provide a interaction between individuals in the square with the trick in the game. The recommendation, made for tricks, are intended to solve the interaction issue of Beşiktaş, Üsküdar and Kadıköy square,are analyzed. These recommendations are the light trick, trick of the flexibility and the fog trick. These are categorized as sub-headings for each of the scenarios developed. Unlike the routine, is broken, the surprising state of the trick are kept its existence. With the idea of the action the individual memory of experiences is colored by the others are interacted with. The action  that is mentioned, like in Tschumi’s book, are not only depend on the spatial qualities but also includes the special moment of combining a number of conditions. All conditions independently of the place are specific to individuals and they are private. Be individualized is perceived the same actions from different perceptions. As a result of the impression the perception becomes to identify the known things. The interactions between the communities in accordance with the tricks, the individuals are allowed to the different impressions. In this way, individuals who don’t interact with each other in metropolitan area, by using the in-game cheats that will have started to interact with the surroundings.

The key words: social experience, individual, action, rigged game, routine, the interaction

OUT OF RULE project presentation board



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