experience oN//No man’s land/graduation project

experience oN//No man’s land, graduation project

activity based urban // home, İzmir University of Economics // Fine Arts and Design

Tutor(s): Aisha Melodie Hassan, Serdar Asut Designer: Melis Baloğlu

Streets are not just empty areas in a town which are simply leftovers beside buildings, or random places that you can walk on by. They contain all kinds of activities, like standing, thinking, resting, singing, playing, in short everything which increases the quality of life and they are the arteries, which feed the city and its environment. For the equality of individuals, the activities happening in the streets should not be physically hindered by private properties. The Susuz Dede Park project is stonewalled by private properties; despite its position in a seaside city, no sea scent can reach the park and its height difference hinders access to the park, for these reasons the idea of equality is still far away.

That is why the design decision supports the free existence of activity locations in places where the ground connection continues. The reason for the existence of every activity space, roads and microscale squares to be realized at the ground, we step on, must begin with improving the housing in the environment. Every living unit –room-, formed according to the new system, should be the ideal place for the realizing activity. Being the ideal place means it should offer the facilities to the realizing activity within, which is appropriate for this activity. Appropriateness, just like possible relativity with the material at the location, could be defined as forming of dark and light, positioning in trees or like leaving a depression at clear weather.

The reason for being the activity of these experiences lived in units which are defined as ideal, is unique and personal, separates the home from the housing. To create these conditions, the house – reaching activity centers with different qualifications outside- acts as an entry point, a threshold, a filter, a reading space or painting space that completes the quality of the home.

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 presentation 02

some images from the design process