#gezi and data visualization

Let’s say we want to discover what people understand from “travel”.  Where do they travel in a particular time period? Which of the places are more popular and which are less popular? Can we find an answer through social media?

Who wants to look at the tiniest percentage of photographs shared on Instagram to find an answer for my question? For example, how can we see thousands of Instagram photos with a tag #gezi (#travel) or how can we play with existing metadata like dates and names?

I want to discover relations between #gezi and people’s preferences related with #gezi. I used “Instagram Hashtag Explorer” to prepare my dataset. Each hashtag is conceptualized as a point. If most points are from a single cluster, easy to guess, this means that they share similar characteristics.

Let’s see! Using different visualization tools, we obtain different results with the same data set. The word cloud below shows mostly used hashtags used together with #gezi.

Hashtag word cloud, Word cloud generator: https://www.jasondavies.com/wordcloud/

What if ı use Gephi?

First, ı need to collect my data. I used Instagram Hashtag Explorer.

The date is 05.01.2016.

The tag is #gezi

The number of users is 179.

By Melis Baloğlu Aşut, the software: Gephi

The clusters are set according to the number of hashtags used with #gezi.

By Melis Baloğlu Aşut, the software: Gephi

The bigger cluster has the bigger diameter.

By Melis Baloğlu Aşut, the software: Gephi

I can read the final map as;

  • Turkish people tend to use English words as hashtag while they go camping.
  • There are lots of Arabic hashtags could mean the number of tourists or habitants are not low in Istanbul and Bursa. ( There are no French or Italian hashtags.)
  • Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, and Batum visited mostly or most of the photographs are from these places in 05.01.2016
  • People love TBT. 🙂
By Melis Baloğlu Aşut, the software: Gephi

What about your assumptions?

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