Section [ ] + Section [ ] / group exhibition

A section is a vertical slice through a building with one half removed so we can look inside. A pixel is the smallest unit of a digital image or graphic.

They are helpful to construct “my utopia”. And here is the process!

This is an experimental model

to juxtapose the man-made world and

pure nature. (yes, it is still pure.)

This is also a calculation.

Pixel “nature” + Pixel “man-made things” = [              ]

Section “nature” + Section “man-made things” = [              ]

Thank you 8+1* for fruitful conversations during 14 weeks.

8+1*: Aslıhan Güçlü, Banuhan Ulusoy, Esra Göksel, Gülşah Taşkend, Neslihan Özgür, Gökçe Tuna, Onur Öztepe, Özlem Tezcan, Yakup Öztuna

  • happy me

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