about me

Hello! Bonjour! Merhaba!

I created this website in the summer of 2014 just after I finished my master thesis named “TRANSFORMATION OF THE TERM OF UTOPIA IN DIGITAL AGE: THE ROLE OF ARCHITECT IN CO-DESIGN APPROACH”. As a case study of my master thesis, I created a platform called utopialab. The intention was to use utopialab as a communication medium or a digital agenda between me and my instructors because I want to share my daily ideas – you know these little post-its and rough drawings on the sketchbooks. Now, I convert all of my thoughts, works, and experiments to the posts! While my background has always been architecture, I enjoy spending my time on visual presentation. I really enjoy learning new things especially on photography, mobile imaging, visualization, web design, the digital craft so on… I also enjoy teaching art, design, and architecture.

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Que la force soit avec toi!